Plan and pro­du­ce relia­bly with Novo Film.

Start your pro­ject now!

At Novo Film in Han­no­ver you are in good hands, becau­se our pas­si­on is moving pic­tures. We always have an open ear for your film ide­as and sup­port you throug­hout the pro­ject from start to finish and, of cour­se, beyond. 

Cont­act us around the clock — it does­n’t cost any­thing to ask!

Video pro­duc­tion — for con­vin­cing films

We are pro­duc­tion part­ners for com­pa­nies, TV sta­ti­ons and adver­ti­sing agen­ci­es. Every film shoot is indi­vi­du­al and has its own story.

Whe­ther com­mer­cials, image, pro­duct films or event and trade fair films, we pro­du­ce various film pro­ducts for the mul­ti­me­dia con­tent with our pro­fes­sio­nal edi­to­ri­al and came­ra teams.

The film as qua­li­ty impro­ve­ment of mar­ke­ting and pro­duct strategy.

As an expe­ri­en­ced pro­du­cer of TV docu­men­ta­ries and TV shows, our pro­duc­tions are of a very high quality.

This qua­li­ty stan­dard must not be miss­ing in video pro­duc­tions for the use of your image films or recruiting/employer films on the web or in social media. We pay attention!