Air­port fire bri­ga­de “Wie geht das?”

A holi­day pla­ne on fire – even if ever­yo­ne hopes that some­thing like this will never hap­pen, the fire bri­ga­de at an air­port must always be pre­pa­red for pre­cise­ly this worst-case sce­n­a­rio. An air­craft skin can with­stand a fire for just 3 to 5 minu­tes, after which the fla­mes not only pene­tra­te the pas­sen­ger cabin, but also get into the kero­se­ne tanks in the fusela­ge and wings.

Docu­men­ta­ry “Hitler’s Wrath — The Child­ren of Bad Sachsa”

On July 20, 1944, a bomb explo­ded in the “Füh­rer Head­quar­ters” Wolfs­schan­ze in East Prus­sia. She is sup­po­sed to kill Adolf Hit­ler. But the assas­si­na­ti­on attempt, plan­ned by a resis­tance group led by Colo­nel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauf­fen­berg, fails — Hit­ler sur­vi­ves. The resis­tance figh­ters are arres­ted and exe­cu­t­ed, their fami­lies taken into “kin­ship custody”: